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Language of the Mudcloth


African mudcloth is a roughly woven and distinct fabric that we’ve been collecting for a while now. Mud cloth, or Bógólanfini, originates from Mali, West Africa, and is first hand-woven into 4” strips and pieced together by the tribe’s men. Next the patterns and dyes are applied with a mixture of mud, clay, and leaves by the tribe’s women. We recently acquired several yards of this rich, textural fabric and are in the process of transforming it into several hand-sewn finished products. This scene of a coiled serpent watching its prey tells quite a story.

Often, designs on the cloth have symbols that carry meaning within the tribes or ethnic groups, and this “language of the cloth” is passed down from mother to daughter. So just like the mud cloth makers, here at the studio, we too strive to pass down our talents, language, and love to the next generations.


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