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Reclaimed [Wood] Reflections


Personal history can be crucial in an artist’s development of style and inspirational focus. I often pull inspiration from my home state of Kentucky and my ancestral roots, while artist Michelle Peterson Albandoz draws her inspiration within the forests of the two places she grew up, Connecticut and Puerto Rico. The trees she played among as a child became central to her art. In recognizing the destruction of deforestation and otherwise environmental wastefulness, she began using reclaimed lumber to arrange her art pieces. I love the way she separates piles of discarded wood and pulls from each to create dynamic pieces with rhythmic pattern. The story of the wood lives within each replicated pattern, letting each piece speak for itself. Michelle’s work is bi-fold…both a political exclamation and a simple reflection of modern nature. http://www.michellepetersonalbandoz.com/works.html


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