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Hand Bound. Objects Found.


Spring Spotlight: Artists at the Pendleton Art Center

Judith Serling-Sturm is a talented book artist and friend who creates in her studio just down the hall from us. Her textured book art utilizes handmade papers, natural elements, and found objects. The rough paper, seemingly straight off the tree, creates a raw, rustic feeling. Her creations become beautifully-bound journals for multi-purpose use: anniversaries, travel, wine logs, and any other vessel for documentation.

When asked about the creativity behind her leather journals, Judith recalled, “While awaiting a delayed shipment of traditional book board one hot July day, I walked by a Salvation Army store around the corner from my studio, advertising leather jackets. Many, many, many hours later, recycled leather jackets were married with found metal, beads, silk ties, old jeans, to create rugged, one-of-a-kind, hand-bound journals”.




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