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From Rough to Refined


Spring Spotlight: Artists at the Pendleton Art Center

For 20+ years, Karen Heyl has called Cincinnati’s Pendleton Art Center, home. You will find her nestled in her 1st floor studio carving out beauty from both clay and from giant limestone slabs. Those slabs are her canvases, carving intricate patterns and designs with her chisel and hammer. She is most known for her bas-relief sculpture work but recently has created a captivating collection of sculptured bird pitchers. Seeking connection with natural, organic forms, Karen weaves stories into her scenes, finding nature to be an inherently symbolic theme for any narrative. Her work transforms a rough medium into one of refined fluidity and grace. Check out more of her work at: http://www.karenheyl.com/ or come to the Pendleton Art Center for Final Friday this Friday, April 24!




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